Enoki Menomush Skincare Set


MN Mother Nature’s Enoki Menomush Skincare Set includes a cleanser, toner, serum, mask, and moisturizer made with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils. Crafted with several types of mushrooms, which are known for being packed with antioxidants and boosting collagen levels in the body, this set of five can help reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation and sun damage while also helping balance hormones in the body. Daily use of this mushroom-focused set will help brighten the skin and create a soft, glowing complexion.

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This skincare set includes the following products:
1) Enoki Menomush Serum
2) Enoki Menomush Toner
3) Enoki Menomush Cleanser
4) Enoki Menomush Moisturizer
5) Enoki Menomush Mask