Frequently Asked Question!

Sometimes referred to as “wild-harvesting”, this is a sustainable practice where herbalists
gather roots, leaves, and seeds at the correct time of year during the plant’s highest potency.
They are careful to only gather a small percentage of any herb in order to preserve the
earth’s resources. We are members of United Plant Savers, an organization dedicated to
monitoring and conserving native plant populations to make sure they aren’t overharvested
or vulnerable to being endangered.

Many of our products contain wildcrafted Seaweed that is harvested for us off the pristine coast of Maine and is certified organic. Once it is received by our facility, we make the actual Seaweed Extract on our premises.

Our primary preservatives are Grapefruit Seed Extract and Rosemary and Sage Antioxidants, which are plant-derived super critical extracts and essential oils.

The Glycerin we use is derived from Coconut Oil that is OP organic.

We do not use sulfates. Decyl and Lauryl Glucose are used in a few of our formulas to
produce a lather for shampooing and cleansing. They are fatty polyglucosides that are

prepared by reacting coconut,glucose, and collagen with natural fatty acids. These plant-
based surfactants are very mild and gentle on the skin and hair.

We never add synthetic fragrance to our products and use only pure essential oils. These
fragrant oils are used for both their aromatherapeutic effects and their tropical benefits.
Each essential oil and blend is hand selected to compliment the performance of the product

A majority of our formulas are also available Unscented, meaning that they do not contain
the essential oil blends mentioned above. Please note that though a product is Unscented,
you may still be able to detect the faint natural aroma of the base formula’s other raw
materials. However, certain products are only available in one singular formula that utilizes
essential oils, as they are an important part of that particular formula’s performance. This
includes some facial treatments, therapeutic massage oils, sun care, and healing products.

Samples of our entire Premiere Stock Formula product line are available for purchase for small gift set.

We have been dedicated to sourcing raw materials that are of the highest quality and potency. Many of these are USDA certified organic, and all of our ingredients are non- GMO and grown without the use of pesticides. While each of our ingredients are (and are otherwise wildcrafted or sustainably harvested). Organic certification for cosmetics can be problematic as there are no legal regulations for certifying such products. USDA organic certification currently uses food based standards in which to qualify raw materials as organic and these parameters aren’t always appropriate for cosmetics.


Furthermore, we have had longstanding relationship with local family owned farms who have been supplying trusted quality ingredients to us from the very beginning. Many of these small farms and vendors cannot afford the paperwork, time, and money that it takes to acquire organic certification. We have chosen to continue our support of these family owned farms.

The shelf life of our products is 1 year. Exceptions may include products made with high percentages of fixed oils and butters, such as facial and massage oils, which are more fragile and may expire sooner. The Period after opening varies from 6 months to 18 months depending on product type, specific ingredients, container, and storage conditions.

Yes, the packaging material and color can be a significant factor in protecting products with natural ingredients. Clear containers, either glass or plastic, should be avoided in most cases. Generally, the more opaque the packaging, the better it will be for ensuring our product’s shelf life. An opaque container gives you more flexibility with regard to fill level and costs, as well.

Our products are 100% plant based, and each ingredient is either grown and harvested from an organic, biodynamic, or eco-ethical farm, or they are sustainably harvested from the wild (“wildcrafted”), depending on their availability.

This includes ingredients grown and harvested on our property. We harvest many of our ingredients from our very own custom built premaculture garden, where they grow without the use of pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

We then gently infuse and distill the raw materials to create our own herbal extracts and hydrosols without the use of synthetic chemicals or harsh processing methods. Our founder and formulator, our manufacturers, is a Certified Master Herbalist and Clinical Aromatherapist with over 25 years of experience in sourcing, harvesting, and producing quality botanical extracts for the personal care industry. Dedicated to supporting organic farms and environmental preservation.

While most of our products do not contain animal-derived ingredients, we do utilize honey beeswax in a handful or formulas due to its protective and moisturizing skincare benefits. These formulas include::

-Vanilla Mandarin Moisturizing Lip Balm

-Radiant Rose Moisture Créme

– Healing Herbal Salve

– Cold Thyme Chest Balm

She has hand selected these ingredients for use in our premier stock formula line for their purity, safety, efficacy, and sustainability

Everything is made on-site, including our herbal oil infusions and seaweed extracts.

All of our products are made fresh to order and have a 1 to 3 week lead time.

We use UPS standard ground service unless otherwise stated.